HCR Racing XP 900 Long Travel Suspension



XP 900 Complete Long Travel Suspension System. Works for both 2 & 4 Seat Models 


The XP 900 Long Travel Kit has been redesigned with the HCR’s custom, elite material. With the stronger material, HCR was able to update the design, enabling kits to be 20% lighter than initial Xp 900 kit  without compromising strength.  The HCR Elite Material is 30% stronger in yield and tensile strength than 4130 Series Chromoly. HCR took the indestructible to the next level. All kits are fiber laser cut and CNC bent for accuracy and precise fit and finish. All welds are hand TIG welded by seasoned craftsmen for strength and aesthetics. 

RCV axles are now included with every Kawasaki XP 900 Long Travel kit.  HCR has been working closely with RCV to provide the strongest axle options on the market, boasting twice the strength of a Factory axles. RCV Custom HCR Axle bars will be included with the purchase of every kit. RCV’s Revolutionary axle shaft design provides the strength, smoothness, and reliability you need to power through the most demanding off road conditions. a 570 22 Spline upgrade is available and HIGHLY recommended for the rear. This eliminate the weak factory CV’s , a known XP 900 weakness, and replaces the entire half shaft with a heavy duty setup. Please see photo below for comparison. 

OEM balljoints are reused to increase low speed steering and travel with minimal maintenance.  4130 Heat treated billet, balljoint receivers are used instead of tubing for added strength and multiple weld points, eliminating a potential weak point on the Arm.  This +3″ kit adds 6 inches of track width and 4 inches of wheel base for better handling, stability and overall performance. The original high clearance design is standard with every kit for 1.25 inches of additional ground clearance. 

The first Production Long Travel Kit to come with 2.5 off-road shocks . The  HCR Race series Kings are included with every Xp 900 Long Travel kit. These shocks include King’s wide range compression adjusters standard.  Allowing up to 30% adjustment  , these provide the ability to precisely adjust compression from super soft to super firm with the simple twist of a knob. The clearly marked knob offers 20  positive clicks of finely tuned adjustment. You can soften your ride when just cruising or firm up the compression when hammering rough terrain or carrying additional payload. You’ll have the ultimate in performance regardless of your pursuit. 

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3″ Wider Per Side = 6″ Wider Overall
Will still fit in a toy hauler;  under 70″ wide
4” longer wheel base, 2″ forward & 2″ rear,  for more stability and better handling
ground clearance added without raising overall height under key components
Raised rear link clearance to prevent hanging up or bending
2.5 HCR Race Series King Racing shocks. Custom Valved and Tuned. 
First production kit in the industry to come standard with 2.5’s
compression adjusters standard with 30% adjustment
RCV 4340 extended axle bars – kit reuses factory CV’s 
17+” of travel front and rear
100% Made in the USA
Hand Tig Welded for strength and appearance
Reuses Stock ball joints to increase low speed steering and travel, Uniball and XP 1000 Ball joint options available as well. 
CNC bent for repeatability
Chromalloy mount points for strength
OEM mount points will need some relief grinding, call or see install/ photos section for details.