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Optimal Torque and Performance From Your Vehicle

With Sprintex Superchargers you’ll experience a robust increase in power, improved torque from idle and absolutely no lag. The thermal and volumetric efficiency range of the twin screw Sprintex Supercharger results in lower discharge temperature and pressure at all power levels – reducing engine stresses and providing the best torque available.


Tune It Optimum Plus Chip

Tunit Optimum Plus is a patented revolutionary chip that is designed for petrol vehicles, naturally aspirated, turbo and super charged, to increase performance by up to 20%.  Click here for more information.


Exhaust Systems to Beef up Your Jeep

The Jeep Wrangler has a rugged charm that has pretty much gone unchanged since the first Willy’s on the battlefields of WWII – the first off-road 4wd vehicle ever produced. With a winning formula of tough, rugged and almost unbreakable, the Wrangler is the weapon of choice for gnarly tracks and serious off-roaders all around the world.

Dyno a Wrangler with a Genie exhaust and chip and you will see that you can get an 18% power increase on your favourite weekend mud machine. In fact, Genie guarantee that you will get at least a 10% gain over stock exhausts with only their exhaust – even more if you chip it.

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